Think dragon's den, on steroids

1,276 ideas through the gate.  Numerous companies built.  Hundreds of lives changed.  That's what Innovate is all about.

Our 6th year is no different.  When you're ready to enter, we're ready to help.  Here's a bit about what the 2017 process looks like.

The process

It's simple, really.  We've highlighted the details above or keep reading!

Step 1 - Enter, There's 2 ways in 2017

If you have an idea or have been working on an idea, Innovate is for you.  All you have to do is take 30 seconds and enter your idea here.

Step 2 - Stage Two

Once we receive your entry, you will be invited to Stage Two, which consists of just over 20 questions, which will help us understand your idea/product better.  You'll will fill out as much as you can and then submit your Stage Two form back to us.

Step 3 - Top 20 Selection

Experts from BCC will select the 'Top 20' ideas that have been entered into the competition.

Step 4 - Pitch to Mentors

On the 18th and 19th of September, The 'Top 20' will have 2 minutes to pitch their idea to our mentors.

Step 5 - Top Five Selection

After the 'Top 20' pitch to our mentor pool, the mentors will pick five to continue into the finals.  Each finalist will receive a mentor as part of their prize with the remaining mentors becoming the judging pool for the competition.

Step 6 - 10 Week Mentorship

Over the course of 10 weeks (21 September - 22 November) the 'Top 5' will work hand in hand with their mentor, building their business model.

Step 7 - Catch-up With Judges

In week five, the 'Top 5' will have an opportunity to sit down with the judges and discuss their idea and fill in the judges with any relevant information.

Step 8 - Final Pitch

On the 22nd of November, the 'Top 5' will have 5 minutes to convince the judges why they should win!  There's $5,000 on the line plus a whole heap of help from BCC!  Plus, if your idea is good enough, you'll have a once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch to the MIG Angels, Manawatu's angel group community.

What Can You Win?

Top 5 Finalists Receive -

  • Partner with a mentor - a local business rock-star that has, 'been there, done that'. 
  • 10 weeks of intense one on one mentoring through BCC

Innovate 2017 Winner Receives -

  • $5,000 cash
  • 2 year entry into CQ - Collective Intelligence
  • Entry into BCC Accelerator
  • Space at The Factory
  • The potential to pitch to MIG (Manawatu Investment Group)
  • Other awards on the night, an Innovate tradition!

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